Please Save A Cat.... OR A Dog

...look deep into yourself and help

How to Help
There are many ways to help:

Your donation in any amount will help us provide quality care for our cats and kittens.  Our veterinary bills mount up every month. 
Please donate.

Donate to your favorite charity with the Capital One No Hassle Giving Site.
Mail us a donation!
Food and medical care is expensive.  Every cent will help save a furry life!  No amount is too small.
Mail your contributions to:
PO BOX 128
Maxwelton, WV 24957

We are in great need of foster parents and volunteers. Fostering can be done with no long-term commitment, and it is a very rewarding experience.  Fostering allows the animal to remain adapted to a home environment, and this makes the adjustment to a new home easier when they are adopted. Fostering is an easy and fun way to spend time with a cat! If you would like to foster an animal or volunteer, please e-mail or stop by one of our adoption clinics.

Please do not buy pet store cats.  If you already have a cat, neuter or spay it, and consider adopting from a shelter to add to your pet family.  If for any reason you cannot keep a cat adopted from us, you may return it to

Consider a planned gift in your estate. Stocks, real estate, or planned giving will save the life of a purring cat.  E-mail us, or call 304-667-6853


Looking for a permanent piece of land 5 to 10 acres in the Greenbrier Valley, WV
Cat food.  We use Purina products
Cat litter. Tidy cats, scoopable
Warming mats
Donate one month of utilities
Cat beds


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