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About Us
Please Save A Cat, Inc is a non-profit corporation with a 501 (c) 3. We are staffed entirely by volunteers.  All funds collected go directly for the cats and kittens care.

Our cats mostly come from the kill shelters of West Virginia. We have foster families that care for the cats. All foster homes are cageless, and no foster home is near a major road.  This is rural West Virginia, we have a network of farms and family homes caring for these cats. We have been known in the area since 1994 as MANX RESCUE, but have expanded our rescue efforts due to the overwhelming number of domestic cats killed in our local shelter.

Please Save A Cat, Inc. houses cats for our deployed soldiers serving overseas. We keep these cats safe and loved until our soldiers return home.  The cats are then re-united with their owners if their situation permits.  If not, these cats will remain in our care for one year following the return of the soldier, then put up for adoption.

We also accept a limited number of 'retired cats' from private homes on pre-arranged contracts.  Permanent resident cats are kept at the cat sanctuary located on a 30 acre farm.  For additional information, or to provide for you cat and its' future in case you cannot,  please e-mail us.

Please Save A Cat, Inc. also has several feral cat colonies under management.

Our principles:

We do not euthanize for space, however if a cat is suffering and there is no reasonable hope for improvement we will spare the pain to the cat and euthanize. 

We provide a place of protection and refuge where a cat can live comfortably until it is adopted or lives out its life.

When a cat is ready for adoption, it will be slowly introduced into a compatible colony or foster home.   The only time a cat will be caged is during its initial take isolation period, if it is ill, injured, or for the safety of other cats. We have successfully rehabilitated many aggressive cats that have later been introduced into social groups. Foster homes in the network may not be near a major road unless the cat(s) are kept inside.  All foster homes are inspected on a regular basis.

Each cat will be provided with a high quality of life including:
        Daily human interaction
        All necessary and recommended medical care, on-site in at our " in-Furrrmery"
        Fresh food and water
        Clean and sanitary housing
        Appropriate number of clean litter boxes
        Sufficient space to live, play and sleep comfortably
        Fresh air and sunlight
        Warm space for the winter months
        Activities and toys
        Lots of love

Mission Statement

Please Save A Cat, Inc.
rescues cats and kittens who have run out of time at public shelters,  along with homeless and abused cats.  We seek loving, permanent homes for these cats and provide life long care and love to cats who cannot or have not found stable homes.  We will provide permanent homes to retired cats who's owners have pre-arranged life long care for their cat(s). We will house cats belonging to our deployed Veterans serving overseas,  and keep them safe and loved.

We are committed to educating the public about responsible pet ownership, and the benefits of neutering or spaying those pets.



How to contact us:
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